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Pre Math Concept (Same-Different)


Early Education builds a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing. To create a base so firm as when the future barges in, we got everything under control!

Trust us, to help build a ‘Magical brains’ “TOGETHER”. 

Interactive Learning is the ultimate ray of creativity that the future beholds!

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  • Our Printable are Made with an insight along with the touch of sunshine, and they are a boon for your child’s creative mind
  • They are designed to enforce the basic key concepts, resulting in promoting a strengthening core
  • Printable promotes ‘photo memory’ that boosts the visual grasping of the brain to achieve impactful and hustle free learning
  • Activities that makes your child wander in the lands of joyous curiosity, to thrive, to achieve, and to question
  • Our Printable can also be used for the school projects
  • Our Printable are designed to promote Interactive Learning


All you need to do is print it out, cut out pieces, laminate and paste it With Velcro and put it in a binder! you will have on the go activities for young children


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