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Give those Magical brains the wings to learn!

About Magical Brains!

Magical Brains is the vision of a mother to provide parents with the right learning tools to facilitate learning for their children of 0-6 years age group. With this venture, we want to boost the parents to equip their children with the right set of learning tools. We strive hard to assist parents in building fun-filled learning spaces for a connection for their little ones.

Insights of the founder!

You must be intrigued to know about the story of the emergence of Magical Brains. Along with being the founder, I am a mother to two young and brilliant minds. As one of them being a Special Need Child, I had a close encounter with the disorder. With this, I understood how to pave the way for children with tested and tried methods.

I developed the know-how of building the right learning environment for my little ones. When my child began learning in a homeschool environment, I grasped ways to come up with her self-created printables and binder. As the early learning age is an essential period to learn, with Magical Brains, I now aim to be the medium to clear the way for that for all other mothers like me.

Magical Brains presents an array of products prepared after thorough learning and extensive experience.   We have also presented them according to the age categories to make it easy for you to comprehend the perfect tool for your little one.


Our mission is to build the stepping stones to your little one’s learning without having them feel bored or distracted.


Our vision is to be the medium for the parents to create simplified learning tools for their little ones.


We strive to save you from breaking a sweat without having to spend a big buck on educational toys and other platforms.


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